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Official Letters

Are you in need of a work permit?

Letter of Appeal to DIMAS

Have you applied for a permit recently and it has been denied by DIMAS?

Have you applied for a permit recently and it has been denied by DIMAS?

This may not be the final result to your process requested.

There is still a chance in obtaining the permit requested, if you ACT within the time frame provided by DIMAS.

How ASBA can Help:

We can help you with the official “Appeal” letter to the Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy and Admission & with an appeal letter to the Landsverordening administratieve rechtspraak.

This letter is to explain and defend your process introduced at DIMAS, which can help you still obtain the permit requested, if the right letter and documents are presented on time.

Let us be your voice and represent you to what you are entitled to!

Letters of Appeal Tourist VISA

Have you or a family member applied for a Tourist VISA to come to Aruba and it has been denied?

ASBA may help you, still obtain a Tourist Visa, with an official letter to the concerning government departments involved.

Dispensation Letter

Have you been living on the island longer than you are allowed to?

A dispensation letter will have to be made to the Minister of Integration, Infrastructure and environment in order to start the process in obtaining the necessary permit.

Allow ASBA to help you with your official letters!