If you’re looking to move to Aruba or retire on One Happy Island at the end of your career, you’re not alone. Anyone who has visited Aruba on vacation knows about the beautiful weather, stunning natural life, and incredibly diverse culture that makes the island so special. So when the opportunity presents itself to take a permanent vacation to a tropical paradise, Aruba is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean.

However, living in Aruba is not as simple as taking a one-way flight and staying forever. Just like other countries around the world, Aruba has immigration standards and procedures to go through before you can call Aruba your legal home. 

For some, this can be an intimidating step that makes you second-guess your decision to live or retire in Aruba. Fortunately for you, with the right help you can make your dream of moving to Aruba a reality.

Finding the Right Permit for You

Depending on where you came from, your “tourist” visit to Aruba was likely simple – a passport or other ID as well as a customs form declaration at the airport. But when you plan to come to Aruba for good, you will need a permit that allows you to live on the island for longer than the 30-180 days granted by many temporary permits and visas.

When you decide to become a resident of Aruba, the correct permit(s) for you will depend on what you’re planning to do while on the island. Are you looking to retire and live there year-round? Do you plan to treat it as a seasonal destination and visit for a few months at a time? Will you be working in Aruba? All of these questions – and more – will be crucial to ensuring that you complete the right forms to get your residency approved

Here are 3 of the most common residential permits you may need when moving to Aruba.

Residence Permit

The standard, non-permanent permit for those who are looking to live in Aruba, this permit allows immigrants to live on the island for up to 180 days at a time. It allows you to spend almost as much time as you want on the island while still maintaining your income from working abroad. This makes it popular for those who are looking to retire soon, but aren’t ready to fully commit to the move yet. However, you cannot work on the island without a work permit in conjunction with the residence permit.

To quality for the residence permit, you will need to demonstrate a yearly income of $60,000 USD or more that proves you are able to maintain yourself during your time on the island. You will also have to provide medical information, a passport, address history, and other verification or safety documentation.

Retirement Permit

When you’re done working at home and are ready to embrace the Aruba life for your retirement, the retirement or permanent residency permit is for you. This allows you to stay on the island year-round (though you cannot work) while you enjoy your hard-earned retirement. This works best for those who are done working and live on pensions or other retirement income that allows you to avoid working in the future.

To qualify for this permit, you will need to demonstrate a regular income during your retirement of at least $29,000 USD so that you are self-sufficient in the eyes of the local government. Again, health and verification documentation will be required with this permit so be sure to prepare your information before applying.

Family Permit

For families who already have a family member that is a legal resident, the family permit allows you to become a resident in Aruba to be with your family year-round. This works for spouses or children who live abroad and plan to come back to Aruba. 

While you won’t have to provide income information, the resident of Aruba will have to sign for you to get you the permit. You will be unable to work without a work permit, however, so be sure you are financially stable enough to live on the island!

Get Things Done with ASBA Immigration Consultancy Aruba

When it comes to your residency and new life in Aruba, you want to be sure that everything is done correctly so that no problems arise to throw your schedule or plans off. As a foreigner, it is much harder to navigate the waters of immigration into Aruba, which is why ASBA is here to help.

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